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visual identity for international bookstore in Leipzig

Polylogue is a small cosy bookstore with café run by native french Laure Le Cloarec. You can flick through books in french, english, italian and spanish, have a coffee or tea, join workshops and lectures and have a good time.
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Save the Arctis

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booklet, 32 pages

made in a three day workshop with Armand Mevis
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Modern Follies
Pavillon & Staircase at courtyard Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig

with William Haggard, Students from CASS London, Oliver Klimpel and System-Design Class from Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
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Alternate Futures
reader about different futures of visual culture

with Léon Auffenberg, Benedikt Bock, Pia Christmann, Hilde Gahlen, Oliver Klimpel, Lea Kontak, Jaroslaw Kubiak, Marie Lautsch, Claudia Mosig, Patrick Müller, Ann Richter, Patrick Vollrath, Josephine Walter
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Einen Ort herstellen — Producing a place

drawings for exhibition catalogue
in collaboration with Bachmann Paulsen, Olver Kossack, Ilina Koralova
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19 shells
record cover, silkscreenprint, unique copy

with Katharina Immekus
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